Not as simple as "Point and Shoot"

Don’t believe every picture you see. You know what I mean, right? All those super perfect models and super stars on the magazine covers. Are they really that perfect? Usually not. Usually there’s a bit of touch up in post-production to help out in certain areas. I even do it a bit here in the studio. Yep, little ol’ me does post-production work too. Here, let me show you: I take a lot of pictures and even though I try to line up the edges and make things straight sometimes the picture just isn’t good enough. Take this picture for example. It’s okay. Yes, it needs to be lighted and such tonally, but the background is working okay, I wanted the outdoorsy look and I thought the yellow

A Natural Progression

I have observed a natural progression between people, art collecting and artists. Here's some of my thoughts: We (you, me and everyone else) all started with making our stick figure art in school. We were all artists. A lot of us had our work shown on the fridge at home and when it was time to clean the fridge we were in shock that our parents would want to throw away our precious art. But we got over it in about 20 minutes. I often wondered why we never "cleaned" the walls in the rest of the house, but I soon realized this was the "good art" that mommy bought and likes. I'm starting to sound like I was mentally scarred here - I wasn't - I'm was just observing life and now, I’m just thinking

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