My Story

I paint stories inspired by un-ordinary things that I drop into my ordinary world.  My paintings will make you think, wonder and dream. 


In Northern Oregon, I spent much of my young life running through open fields and creating forts in the surrounding dense forests. I loved stories, using my imagination, and creating things with my hands. When I began to put my creative ideas on paper memories of my imaginary adventures influenced me and I knew and had faith that one day I would share these ideas with others. 


My paintings have unique qualities that are a direct result of my craftsmanship. I push my supplies to create surface texture and I am constantly remixing paints so the layers of colors are in a constant flux of change. I also use techniques of glazing, scrubbing and scumbling. I do all this with controlled and purposeful movements. My finished paintings will grab your attention from across the room but it is when you come in for a closer look that you see the details, the little marks, and the dancing colors. To me this is like entering a forest and then noticing all the little creatures and plants that live there. 

After so many years, my quest for the imaginary wilds is still alive within me and I strive to bring this into my art. I use the painting’s surface as a stage to tame thoughts that are running wildly through my mind.  Through my sketching, designing and painting phases, these thoughts become a story.  Although the wild thoughts start off as very personal things to me I strive to present the final story / painting in a way that allows you to ponder over them and ingest your own meaning. I don't give you the ending, you create your own.  It is you who provides the essential ingredients by reminiscing on your own ideas and life experiences.  I have simply set a stage and supplied enough information so you can start your own process of engagement. After all, everyone who walks through the woods will see, feel, and remember various things and thus react differently.

If you are curious as well and wish to follow along with my journey you can easily join my art family by joining my email list and following me on Instagram and Facebook.  There are links to all three just below the Instagram feed at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to meeting you!


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