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Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Wishes

I hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas. If you’re visiting family give them lots of hugs. If you’re traveling, stay calm. If you’re staying home, wake up and know you’re blessed.

This year we are staying home and Seven, my boy, will be visiting. I foresee fire in the pit, laughing, storytelling and my daughter glued to her big brother’s lap soaking up as much love as she can in the few short days she’ll have with him. I would sit in his lap too if I wasn’t such a big boy :) These times with family are the best Christmas gifts. What are you doing for your holiday?

Last week I sent out a new blog. Some of you may have thought you already saw this one (you are right), some of you might be glad to finally see something from me (sorry it’s been so long) and some of you are wondering who I am because you can’t remember meeting me (sorry again). I am still on a huge learning curve with my art business and I think this curve will always be bending out of site. When I first made my web site, through Wix, I started collecting names for a newsletter which I sent out a couple of times. Then I started a blog thinking it would be easier and more timely than a newsletter. The blog was through and through them I started collecting more names. I also started showing work around town and during these events I collected even more names. I also added a few online portfolios, sales locations like Etsy, Fine Art America and soon I had people reaching out to me from a variety of places. I wasn’t sure where to keep all your names at so I went with another software, Mail Chimps. I thought I had everything all up to date and working well but it turns out I was wrong. I had someone comment that they haven’t seen anything from me in a while and was wondering if I am still painting. WWHHAAATTTTTT? Well, that’s a little counterproductive so I had to look into this.

With all the different programs running everything wasn’t intermingling like I thought it would. So, instead of trying to fix the issue and send out a lot of test emails, I consolidated on my end. I have been working all year on doing the same with other aspects of the business so this only makes sense and the end result is much easier to handle too. So, welcome to my new blog!

Going forward, always feel free to ask questions or comment on the stuff I send out. If you know someone who might enjoy the ramblings of an artist, feel free to share. This includes people you know who just like to look at art, or acquaintances who are crafty, or even budding artists. If my ramblings get annoying (which I hope they don’t) you can always unsubscribe at any time.

Take care and again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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