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I Had A Dream!

Dreams can be so interesting. Sometimes they feel so real and have they people in them that we know but there are other dreams that are just plain random and you wake up thinking – Where in the heck did that come from?

Let me tell you about one of my recent -random -dreams.

I was in a car with my mom. There were two other people in the car with me but I do not remember who they were. I was sitting behind my mom, she was driving. Behind me was another window and door (three door car?). Between me and the person next to me was a console – it was like I was sitting in the front driver’s seat, but I wasn’t. The interior of this car seemed small or cramped like a Mini Cooper. This was the setting, my immediate environment. - Let me just say I have never driven in a Mini Cooper, nor a three door-ed car, I can’t remember the last time I sat behind my mom in a car full of people and she drove – she doesn’t drive much unless she is driving herself someplace local. So already the dream is “off” quite a bit.

We are driving up in the mountains on a narrow dirt road with medium sized rocks protruding from the road so my mom was having to swerve a bit as she drove. She was driving at a steady rate, fast enough to feel the wind as I leaned out the open window of the car. On my side of the car the mountain grew taller. There were tall pine trees but they were not a lush dense forest like in the Pacific Northwest but a more open forest of Southern California – trees, bushes, rocks, open spaces of dry land. I call this a desert forest. On the other side of the car the land went from a gradual drop off to a major drop off or cliff. As we drove and swerved about the terrain, the passenger side was in constant change – cliff, no cliff. My mom was very focused on her driving but I was still nervous as hell because she wasn’t doing the best job at avoiding the rocks nor staying on the narrow winding road.…. This was my stage, the landscape around my immediate environment. Again, I clarify – I have never driven on a windy dirt road with my mom, I don’t know if she has ever driven on a windy dirt road, and I think my mom would probably flat out refuse to drive on such windy dirt road, in a car full of people unless we were all dying (passengers) and she was driving us to the hospital to save our lives.

Now the jest of the dream.

The Smoker

I think I have already established the fact that we were driving. I had the window down and the wind was blowing. I could smell the clean air as it circulated through the car’s interior. I thought, what better time than now to have a smoke (I don’t smoke and I’m certain my mom would not be okay with someone smoking in her car). So, I reached over and took a cigarette out of the center console and tried lighting it. Mom was driving erratically making the car bounce back and forth across the rocks and in the confusion, I lit the filter end of the cigarette. “Dang it, that was my last one!” I blurted out. The person sitting next to me (I can’t recall who this was) laughed as they had a cigarette, lit it and puffed away. I was bummed so I went back to sticking my head out of the window. Their cigarette stunk so I was thankful for the clean smelling air (What, it stunk? Even though I was ready to light one up myself?).

Anyways, we are continuing down this bumpy ass road and I spot some deer munching some grass. “Look, deer!” I exclaimed. But no one looked. I thought that’s odd.

After we passed the deer I saw a bear, then two bears. I exclaimed, “Look two bears!” and again no one looked. The bears started running along with the car. One of them stumbled across and caught a very large black rabbit and bit into it. It screamed and then both bears stopped running to devour the prey.

“Holy crap, you guys see that?” I asked. No answer.

“What the hell is wrong with you people that you missed that?”

Mom replied, “I’m driving, you want me to crash and kill us?”

Smoker replied, “I’m smoking.”

The other person just grunted because they were miraculously able to sleep on this bumpy ass road while mom was veering side to side, I swear trying to hit every rock she could. He (don’t know who but I know it was a “He”) was sitting in the front passenger seat next to mom.

I was perplexed. I went back to staring outside. This is when I saw a Wolf.

It was a girl wolf (don’t know how I knew this but I did). She ran down the side of the mountain toward me and as she did she spooked the bears and they started running again then a couple of other wolves joined in on the chase as well. Together, stampeding as we were, we all startled the deer into running too (not sure where they had come from) but as soon as the bears saw the deer they veered off to chase the deer. I guess the black rabbit didn’t quite fill them up because the deer were running for their lives from the bears. I was left driving down the bumpy ass road with wolves running next to the car. The girl wolf was running alongside my window. I wanted to reach out and touch her soft fur but didn’t, I knew better than that. This wolf was about the size of the little car we were in and I figured reaching out to stroke her mane just might cost me a finger, hand, arm or more.

I rolled up the widow. The window behind me had a portion of my son’s red sleeping bag hanging out of it. It must have been sucked out the partially opened window. I reached back to pull it in and the girl wolf latched onto the bag and tugged. I tugged back and tried closing the window. She yanked harder and with such force the bag started pulling the door frame open. I jumped back into my seat and thought, “Damn, if she gets that door open then she’ll jump inside and eat us just like that bear ate the black rabbit.” (I had visuals on this but I'll spare you the details - let's just say everything inside the car was the same color of the sleeping bag.) In retaliation, I rolled down my window and flicked that cigarette I had tried lighting earlier at her (the one I lit on the filter end). It bounced off her nose and singed one of her ears before she was able to shake it off and it disappeared into the forest. (It won’t burn because I never got it to light correctly but it did singe her ear fur – don’t know how - I just know it did - so don’t ask).

She let go of the bag and looked directly at me in a very menacing way and growled, “Why’d you do that?”

I growled right back, “Cause you’re fucking with me so I’m fucking with you right back, bitch!” - I had the bitch name right but I apologies about the F-bombs. Just thought I’d be true to the dream and let you have ‘em though. It just didn't sound the same if I said "Your messing around with me so I'm foo foo-ing back with you!" - see even with an exclamation mark it still doesn't convey the growl I had going - so I had to drop the F-bombs - again,sorry.

She shrugged her huge wolf-y shoulders and said, “That’s fair enough.” and ran off into the woods. The other wolves followed. I was back to driving down the bumpy ass road with the cool clean air circulating around me.

I was dumb founded. Completely dumb founded. I asked, “Did you guys happen to see any of that?”

Mom said, “No, I’m too busy keeping you all alive on this bumpy ass road.”

Me – “Mom, no need to use foul language.” (How bad is that of me after dropping F-bombs on you?)

Smoker replied, “Nope, couldn’t see through the smoke cause you rolled up the windows.”

Me - "You're an idiot."

Sleeper replied.. wait a minute, the sleeper was missing. Now my son’s red sleeping bag was wadded up in the front seat. What happened to the sleeper?

I looked behind me and the car door was wide open.

This is when I started waking up. I got the feeling we eventually drove off the cliff edge but I’m not sure as I was only half asleep.

It's pretty random but I thought it a good story. Any guesses on what this one means?

Take Care, sleep well and have a good weekend.


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