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To Dig Deep

10_Reinhart To Dig Deep.jpg
30 x 40   /   Oil on canvas   /   Available

               I love tractors.  Enough said...  Actually, there's a little more to this story than that.


     Scientia Fideles Defendit translates from Latin to mean: knowledge protects the faithful ones.  Luke 6:46 is about the wise and foolish builders, -A wise person building a house will dig deep to lay the foundation on solid rock.  These clues I am giving lead to family values and faith.  But, how does this blend with a tractor hanging from wires?


     I have spent countless hours on construction sites and I have seen this many times:  The mechanic arrives early and starts warming up the tractors, they sit unattended.  At lunch, the drivers will leave the tractor running while they go take their break and again they sit unattended. At a controlled site this may be okay but so many times I have seen cars pull up and some kid or a group of kids get out, jump the short orange construction fencing and go running up to the tractors.  Usually, last out of the car is Dad.  He yells a few things at them but doesn't do much to stop them. When the tractor drivers see what's happening they start screaming at the kids to get off, then Dad becomes upset and then everyone gets mad, the driver, the dad, and the kids.  If you really think about it, if the kids were to get in there and change the controls or the tractor blew a pressure hose or if the driver jumped in, unaware the kids were around, and drove off, someone could be killed. Ignorance kills.  


     Why a parent would stop their car, let the kids out, and allow them to jump barriers just to show their kids potential death?  I know, I know, because tractors are cool.  But flip the coin over, why not stop the car, jump barriers and learn about Salvation? Church can't be that bad and it doesn't smell like hydraulic fluid either.

     Don't just trust the tractor.  Ignorance kills.

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