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Studio Classes


Through short demos and long courses with in person classroom instruction, I offer a variety of ways to help beginning and intermediate traditional painters develop technical skill and gain confidence in their work.  We'll accomplish this here at my private studio where I have a classroom area that will fit about 10 students.

Please check my social feeds for the latest classes or send me a message and let me know what your looking for.

Beginner Oil Painting

Nothing on schedule at the moment.  Send me a message to get on the waiting list for the next round of classes though.  They can fill up quickly.


Intermediate Oil Painting

Thanks! Message sent.

This class started early 2021, but you can still attend.


This is not a class for beginners, but if you have your basic skills down, have explored other medias, want to expand on your experience with oils, get a new point of view and/ or improve your personal style, then this class might be for you. Each week, we'll explore different steps and techniques that will help push your art to the next level. When we meet I'll critique your latest work, I'll give demonstrations and we'll paint together. As we progress, I'll show you the things I have been doing for the last 20 years that keep me inspired and advancing as an artist.

The class meets once a week and cost is only $20 per class.

Make sure and contact me to sign up prior to class. 

We are working  through multiple sessions and new students are always welcome at the session start.

Students will need to provide their own materials and should be able to bring their supplies to class. Basic Materials include:

  • Oil paints - A red, yellow, blue and white at the minimum.  I recommend the brands Daler Rowney - Georgian (School Grade), Winsor Newton and Gamblin.

  • Brushes: Hog Hair filberts sizes 2, 4 and 6.  Softer synthetic filbert brushes sizes 2 and 4 and a soft synthetic round size 2 or smaller.

  • Brush Cleaner and a jar to hold hit.  Recommend Gamblin Gamsol.

  • Something to mix the paints on - a cheep 11 x 14" picture frame with glass from the discount store works fine.

  • Something to paint on.  5x7 - 9x12 canvas panels, pad of oil paper or stretched canvases.



               Hope to see you soon!

Homeward Bound               36x36  Oil on Canvas.             Sold
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