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Larry Reinhart Everlasting.jpg
30 x 40  /    Oil on canvas  /   Sold

     Time fascinates me.  Most people lead hectic lives based on the principle of a clocks movement.  The ticking of the clock marks our birth, ages us and continues on even after our death.  This mechanical movement is set to the sun rise and the changing of the seasons.  It’s followed on calendars and is written about in history books.  It’s not even perfect and yet we all live by it. 


     I was thinking one day, "What would happen if we outlawed clocks and all the devices that keep time?"  Similar to the concept of outlawing books in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451.  If we did this, would we continue to exist and if so, how would we know we were in real time and not living in a dream?  I could go on forever with these sort of thoughts but for this painting I was thinking, " If the clock was dismantled; the structure surrounding it, that once supported time, would continue to stand."  Then as this support system came into ruins and began to degrade we could mark time by this very degradation. Time without time, is that everlasting?

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