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The Time is Coming

755TheTimeisComing_Reinhart copy.jpg
36 x 48   /   Oil on canvas   /  Available

     The book of Revelations 16:16 calls out a place with the Hebrew name Armageddon.  It is said that this is the place where all nations will come together and battle Christ.  Armageddon is translated from the Hebrew word Har Megiddo which means Hill of Megiddo.  This was an ancient city in Northwestern Palestine, southeast of Haifa in present day Israel.

     The building I chose to depict here is taken from an old bank building; I have added a few symbolic additions to help tell my story.  Above the door you can see a United Nations symbol.  The gold statue bust above the central portico is a false idol.  The gold front doors have tarnished to green.  The time of the clock is 3:06, or three sixes.  From the rear of the building the destruction of the war has started and people have begun to arrive at this place for help and protection but the doors to this building are locked.  This painting is about a beginning of a very turbulent end of days where it may seem that all hope is lost.

     But hope is not lost.  To the right of the painting is a statue of angels with the inscription of IXOYE near the base.  These markings are the Greek word for fish and was once used by a group of people to mark secret entrances to safe houses and places of worship.  These groups of people were the first Christians.  The Greek word for fish was eventually replaced by a symbol in the shape of a fish that is still seen today, often on the back of people’s cars.  I wanted to express that even in the most dire circumstances there is always hope and maybe if you just open you heart and eyes and look around the corner you just might find it waiting for you there.

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