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757Reinhart copy.jpg
32 x 52   /   Oil on canvas   /  Available

     To understand all my symbolism in the painting, you need to read Revelation's chapters 10 through 12.  As I read these three chapters I was reminded that John was seeing this as a "vision." It was a vision of something taking place in the future.  I began to wonder how much of the future he saw?  Did he understand the things he saw? How much of what he saw made no sense to him?  

     For example, in modern times if we need a temple measured we could call on the services of a professional land surveyor.  The title of the painting gives reference to Real Time Kinematics (RTK) which is a mathematical process used by surveyors that incorporates ground GPS devices and a group of GPS satellites in orbit.  The surveyors on the ground doing the measuring would be carrying a staff.  Is this what John was seeing?  How confusing it must have been, or did God give him a bit of the "all knowing" to help him understand?  I find this absolutely interesting to think about.


     These GPS satellites have been referred to as the all-seeing eyes in the sky. It was in my research of these satellites that I realized they are very similar to the dragon described in chapter 12.  Cool huh?


     References to land surveyors can also be found in the books of Zachariah and Job. 

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