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The Carrot

788_Reinhart_TheCarrot copy.jpg
36 x 48   /   Oil on canvas   /  Sold

     I am fascinated by all types of animals, wild and tame.  Every one of them is a creation assembled with extreme care and genius. I can see in their eyes that they all have a history or story to tell and I often think about what they would say. I also find it fascinating that different species of animals can outnumber us and yet they do not try to control us. How some of these animals could tear us limb by limb and yet attacks by these wild beasts are rare. In Genesis 9:2 we are told that God has put the fear and terror of us in all beats and explains to us that He has placed them into our care. Now you know why most animals, big or small, run from us when we call out to them. 


     But, does the meaning of caring for them include killing them for sport or pushing them out of their homes and into strange lands?  Why are we so eager to conquer these animals?  Why are we so bold? If someone dangled a carrot in front of a grizzly bear's face, will the grizzly run from us, be scared of us?  What if we look into his eyes and we see something else?  What is written in Genesis is reliant upon us "caring" for these animals.  If there is no care, then it's a different situation.


     This painting is a result from my fascination with animals and is actually a self-portrait of me and my family. I do not intentionally harm the animals nor do I hang carrots in front of them to badger them, but I do adventure out into their homes and lands. I sketch them and photograph them while they are out doing their private family things together. I often wonder if this is wrong or if it upsets them. I do care for them.

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