Larry Reinhart's oil painting, Majestic Beast.
Majestic Beast      48 x 60      Oil on canvas     Original not available

Majestic Beast

Although this painting does not look very chaotic it is actually about potential chaos.  Chaos comes in a multitude of forms and can ignite from the smallest of actions.  One person can never really predict how another person will react in times of chaos.  What governs our actions is our upbringing, life experiences, ability to control our nerves and most importantly what we have been trained to do.  The next time you see something start to go wrong, stand back and watch.   If a bit of panic develops, things can easily escalate.  People begin to react to the panic and this is when chaos can potentially erupt.  This eruption could lead to a very funny scene, a dangerous scene or it could be handled in the most remarkable way and become an educational scene.


When animals are included in the chaos, they usually flee, freeze or fight.  Their decision is largely based upon what is causing the disruption.  In my painting the birds have finally got out, free at last, but where do you think they will go?  When was the last time they have flown?  This simple flight of birds could lead to a wide assortment of problems that could cause chaos.  What do you think will happen to the person who was to keep them locked away?  Their day may be a bit chaotic.  What about the small dog below, will he enact on his wild instincts and go for the chase?  Will the man holding his leash be able to react fast enough to hold the dog at bay?  What about the man in the red shirt who has just released the balloons?  Do you think the majestic elephant will tolerate this peculiarity, passing right in front of him?  Along with the sudden flight of birds and the yapping dog?  This scene could get crazy really quickly.  And to think this could all happen from a few, relatively harmless, acts.


It's ideas like these that really get me interested in studying people, their reactions to their environment, and how the environment reacts back.  I use these studies to help bring a sense of underlying mystery and power to my paintings.  I strive to capture that "what if" sensibility.  I think this concept will make them enjoyable for many years.

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