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The Four Horsemen

798Reinhart copy.jpg
36 x 60  /    Oil on canvas  /   Available

     The four horsemen are called upon in chapter 6 in the book of Revelation.  To understand what these riders represent you must actually do a lot of reading and interpretation but a good place to start is chapter 6.  Interpretations may vary but what I have gathered is that the white rider represents the false prophet, the antichrist, the red horse could be the next big world war, the black horse brings recession and poverty to all and the last horse, described as the pale horse, brings death.  These are gruesome things and the riders who enact them will probably do horrific acts as they bring these revelations to reality. 

     After explaining this, I have been asked how I could possibly paint these horses to resemble children's toys.  Here's what I was thinking:

     We are given toys to play with at a young age so we can learn from them.  We learn how mechanical devices work, we discover cause and effect, we can even learn how to share with others and to respect the toy for what it is, who gave it to us, etc.  God, who created these horses doesn’t really need them or the riders to process His judgment, He could simply snap His fingers and we would all be obliterated.  But, by bringing each horseman out he is giving us the opportunity to learn from what is happening and make a life saving decision, Salvation.  So I'm saying these horsemen are like toys.  They are a means to teach us in a way we can understand, interact with and learn from.  Brutal toys, yes, but still toys.


     In Matthew chapter 24, Matthew describes the early stages of the tribulations as birthing pains for what will be coming.  First comes the birthing pains, then comes the child, and  children need toys to learn from. With toys comes temptation, realization and choices.  Hopefully we will still be able to learn from them and not so grown up, closed minded, and faithless.

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